The Believer’s Bill of Rights

bibledoveMy son, do not forget my law,
But let your heart keep my commands;
Proverbs 3:1



The Believer’s Bill Of Rights

Proverbs 3


1. I have length of days and long life added to me. (verse 2)

2. I am relaxed and peaceful. (verse 2)

3. I find favor with God and man. (verse 4)

4. I know what I’m doing and where I’m going. (verse 6)

5. I have health in my body and marrow to my bones. (verse 6).

6. My barns are filled with plenty– and I am prosperous. (verse 10)

7. I am happy and satisfied. (verse 13)

8. Long life is in my right hand and riches and honor are in my left hand. (verse 12)

9. My life and ways are filled with pleasantness. (verse 17)

10. I will walk, live and drive in safety. (verse 23)

11. I will not fear or be afraid of anything.

12. When I lay down I sleep well and sweetly. (verse 24)

13. My home is protected against evil and blessed with health,wealth and wisdom.


Make a quality choice like Solomon…


Expect these things in your life. They belong to you and are God’s will for you. When you find wisdom, God’s laws and principles, they will make you healthy, wealthy, and wise!

Thank you Howard Riley for sharing this. He has the June 2016 Bible Reading Calendar posted at his website: Visit his website

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