Age – The Greatest Fully-Authenticated Age

2002 Guinness Book of World Records – states that Madam Jeanne Louise Calment of France is the World’s Oldest Person Who Ever Lived.

122 years and 164 days is the greatest fully-authenticated age to which any human has ever lived.

Here are a few examples of others who have celebrated a century of life from the Adam Clark Bible Commentary Records:

  • Agnes Schner 1499 died at age 114
  • Countess Desmen 1612 died at age 145. (Records show her teeth grew back three times.)
  • Henry Jenkins often swam the river when he was over 100. He lived to 169 and died in 1670.
  • Reverend Lawrence from Oklahoma was still preaching, working in his yard and getting up early each morning to prepare sermons at age 104.
  • “Granny”, who lived to 112, left this advice, “Be lively – just as easy to be lively as biting others head off. Trust in God, don’t worry and read the Bible. I don’t care much for TV,” Granny said. “Used to watch ‘As the World Turn’ but I stopped this.” “Granny” remained in almost perfect health all of her days.
  • Jackson Pollack of Georgia lived to be 124 and died in 1991. Jackson says, “Trust in God. He will pull you through.”
  • Thomas Parr, who lived to 152 in 1635, married his first wife at 88. They had two children. He had an affair at 102 and had an illegitimate child. At 120 he married a widow woman. At 130 he still did all the farm work.

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Dani Rotramel

Dani Rotramel

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