The Important Fat Loss Keys

NumberThree Important Fat Loss Keys

In a recent Fabufit class, we talked about three important Fat Loss Keys. These keys are based on three very important words and their definitions.

Glucose –> The Major Fuel Source for the Bodyfuel-phg

Glucose comes from eating carbohydrates. We choose the good non-processed carbs like fresh vegetables and fruits. Glucose is the brain’s # 1 Fuel Source.

Glucogen –>Stored Glucose

Stored glucose is used for energy. This is good. However, when we overeat and the storage sites in the body become full (muscles and liver), insulin produces excess glucose and villainstores it in the fat cells as fat. When this happens, Glucose becomes a villain in our fitness journey.

Glucagon –> HERO

Glucagon is another hormone. It does beautiful things for us:superman

  1. It frees stored glucose from the muscle and liver.
  2. It stimulates the breakdown of fat for energy
  3. It halts fat storage.

Our Goal

Activate the Hero with exercise, Hoe Downs, and increasing Spinal Density.

Halt the villain by refusing to overeat .


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