Things I Learned This Thanksgiving

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A Few Things I Learned

This Thanksgiving was even more Paleo style than last. I must tell you that when you find such delicious Paleo recipes, it isn’t even very hard to tremendously enjoy substitutes. There were two items, I simply couldn’t find a replacement for:

Our Traditional Dressing from John’s Grandmother

My Favorite Orange Jello with Cool Whip and Mandarin Oranges

But the good news is that I found some over the top delicious replacements for traditional Pecan Pie, Pumpkin Pie, Cranberry Sauce, and even the Gravy for the Turkey. The Pecan and also Pumpkin Pie recipes are in the new Holiday Recipe Cards, as well as the most delicious ever Zucchini Muffins, that were a big hit with our family.

The Cranberry Sauce:ocean-spray-cranberries

I followed the directions on the package of fresh cranberries but instead of the cup of sugar it called for, I added 1 cup of agave nectar. Oh my goodness, it was better than the one with sugar. John and I plan to make another batch tomorrow.

The Gravy

The only unacceptable part of the traditional gravy is the flour. So it was easy to just substitute arrowroot flour.

My Plan Executedrules

If you saw the post I sent out the day before Thanksgiving: Tips for a Beautiful Thanksgiving, it gave my plan of execution to make Thanksgiving a wonderful and memorable day. Because I planned aheaGransmycameraNov7d to execute this plan, it did come to pass. The day ended with wonderful memories of being with all of our children, grandchildren, my 94 year old mom, our niece, Shea and my brother Buddy and his family. The food was delicious. I completely enjoyed the couple of debit foods I absolutely love: the dressing and the orange jello salad. I did manage to eat slowly and to enjoy as dessert the Pecan Pie I had made along with some coconut cream topping. One bite of the delicious traditional Pumpkin Pie our niece brought was enough. I felt happy as the day ended because I had not allowed my flesh to boss me around like it has on past Feasting Days. For me that is such a huge benefit.

MomandbabiesThanksgivingMy 94 year old mom and the two youngest of our grandbabies, Caris, 2, and Cali, 3 mo.


ThanksgivingYour Thanksgiving

I would love to hear how your special day went. Remember, we are in training. Baby steps do make a difference. You will train your body to obey more and more as time goes on.


Holiday Recipe Cards

Praise the Lord! I have sold all of the first printing and am ordering a second printing. They turned out so good on the 5 x 7 card stock with the spiral binding and the New Holiday Recipes added along with my new discoveries such as:

Chicken Pot PieHolidayRecipeCardsGrnStrip2PM

Chicken Alfredo

Paleo Quiche

Slow Cook Chicken Enchiladas

These will make good Christmas gifts for any of your loved ones who may want to have some delicious healthy recipes. I so dislike promoting my own products but I am so very proud of these cards. They are definitely a labor of love considering the number of hours it took to test and create them.

 Your Recording Archive of Class 3 on Emotional Eating

It is posted on the Members Only/Class Archives for you. Thank each of you who were in the class. I thought it was one of our best yet. Class 4 next Monday night.


Many blessings to you!



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Dani Rotramel

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