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JDGrandsGulfShoresSuch a Busy 2016

Here it is March already. My goal had been to work on my family pictures every month. Goodness I am so far behind. And I can’t think about this too much, but our 2015 book is not even done. Let me give you a little glimpse of what is going on in our family by sharing  just a few of our beginning memories of this year with some pictures, which tell the story best.

Carter and Cameron  are busy with Basketball.  On the court and from a distance these two look so much alike, sometimes I am uncertain I have labeled the right pictures.

Other Events

Our family really rallied around with      help as Grandmother went through those rough weeks in January. Here are Nathan, Brooke, Kylie and Brennon with my 95 year old mom on her arrival at her new room, which turned out so cute. She doesn’t look so happy but she is.

Austin and Pitches Plano East HS Baseball




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Dani Rotramel

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