Weekly Habit #7 – Be Selfless

NumberWeekly Habit Seven: Be Selfless

Here is our seventh of seven weekly habits. Weekly habits are actually fun and quite easy. The seven weekly habits are designed for one habit per day of the week.

Habit 7 is to be Selfless

weekly calendarHow does this work? Each week commit to finding one selfless act you can perform. Here are the guidelines for this selfless act:

  • Give honestly and completely. This will do more for you than for the recipient.
  • Your selfless act may spark joy and gratitude in the other person.
  • There may be a ripple effect.
  • Expect nothing in return:
    • No thank you
    • No forgiveness
    • No acknowledgment

You will find each of the Monthly and Weekly Habits published on our confidential Team page:  https://www.fabulouslyfit.com/category/membership-team-fabulous/

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