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I am in the midst of reading and studying Dr. Caroline Leaf’s latest book: Think and Eat Yourself Smart. It was hard to get into, but has turned into a wealth of information. I also watched her  TBN hour and 1/2 broadcast she had done on the 29th of September. It seemed a worthwhile investment of time to listen and take notes. It was filled with pearls. With her qualifications as a Cognitive NeuroScientist and a Word-Loving Christian, she has amazing insight. I will be including many pearls and insights in our next Fabufit Teleconference Course with Team Fabulous, which begins January 29.

Here is the first set of pearls. Be watching in the posts to come in January and February.

1. What we think AS WELL as what we eat, changes the structure of our brain. Eating is 80% thinking.

2. Never eat when angry of upset. They body cannot digest what it eats.

3. People who are hopeful make healthier choices.

4. Get into an attitude of gratitude before eating.Gratitude Quote

5. First must come a mindset change before we can become healthier or more fit.

6. The Modern American Diet of processed food (MAD) is more addictive than cocaine.junkfood

7. Organic Coffee: grind your own beans, COFFEE is God’s juice filled with phytonutrients and

8. Eat at the table sitting down with lights low and eat slowly.

9. Thoughts are proteins.

10. We must have periods of REST away from the stress of life. Even Jesus rested. God rested on the seventh day.sleep_sheep

Join us as we learn simple health and fitness principles that make a big difference. Learn how to implement many pearls found in Dr. Leaf’s new book to make your journey of taking your fitness and health good habits to autopilot easier. Nothing in life is easy. Every good habit takes diligence to develop. The good news is that once these habits are on autopilot the journey can be easy and fun. Course begins January 29th via Teleconferencing.

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